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What is the problem with Tracking and Behavioral Advertising?

Every time you open a web page, every time a banner shows up, every time you run a particular code, a great deal of your information is handed out: you’re not giving them to the web site you’re visiting, but to other networks who use them. And very often that happens without you even knowing their destination. FoolDNS blocks the majority of these attempts of invading your privacy.

The online advertising phenomena is reaching such dimensions that it now represents a serious threat to your privacy: huge circuits are acquiring navigation information without your consent, being even able to triangle your preferences on various web-sites. They’re acquiring information and know-how about who we are, what we do, what web-sites we visit. All this without any explicit consent.
FoolDNS Community itself has recently had to admit that they have tracked their users and profiled them without consent when confronted during an interrogation in Parliament.

From our point of view, this is a non ethical and absolutely not acceptable behavior: this is why we have decided to create the simplest system possible to allow any user obtain the best result with the minimum effort.
We know that there are software alternatives to block banners and alternative DNS services to elude censorship systems, but the first cannot be installed by anyone and the privacy policies of the latter aren’t even minimally satisfying to us from an ethical point of view.
By using this DNS we know that 99% of the users will be able to use the system and be protected with an operation that lasts less than 2 minutes. On every hardware and software platform created until today.


Why do you remove Advertising?

We don’t want to block advertising, it is not our goal, but we’re sick and tired of non authorized tracking. Today it is impossible to surf the web without our data being possessed by dozens of entities others than the ones we actually visit.
We want to eliminate the behaviour we consider as non ethical in advertising, attempt to rewrite the very concept of advertising ethics and only allow publication to those networks which have subscribed an ethical code of self-regulation.

We know that webmasters need to keep statistics, but we think that they shouldn’t give our navigation data to third services such as FoolDNS Community Analytics or ClickStats. There are free tools which can be used offline for these needs.
We are also preparing an ethical code for the distribution of advertising content online. When it shall be published, anyone who will subscribe the ethical code will automatically be removed from our black list.


How about YOUR Privacy Policy?

FoolDNS memorizes the IP that executes the DNS query for 90 minutes or 1Mb log, whichever of the two is higher. After this span of time has elapsed (actually it is less than 60 minutes a cycle), the logs of the DNS service are purged of the IP and only remain in the usage statistics with the requested name and a geolocalization indication.
The HTTP requests related statistics also remain on our servers exclusively for the time needed to estimate monthly usage statistics and after 45 days they are anonymized.

We care extremely much about our users’ privacy: we’re laying our bet on this. And we are aware that if there happened to be any violation of this rule, we’d be finished.

Our purpose is simple: we will not publish, sell, release or transfer by any means and to any external entity any type of personal information of any of our users, which explicitly includes the IP addresses and the queries performed by every single IP. All this, in the system’s time limits, except for extraordinary needs (again, in the system’s time limits) of legal authorities.


A sophisticated protection from Phishing and Malware

FoolDNS lists are especially crafted to lock domains containing viruses and/or malware software, to preemptively and promptly protect companies from being infected.
In addition to this FoolDNS implements real-time lists for Phishing sites blocking, effectively inhibiting access to domains dedicated to Identity Theft.

Internet diffusion inside home and company environments has considerably extended the possibility for malicious users to create and spread Malware.

The susceptibility of various widespread programs dedicated to Internet navigation to vulnerabilities that allow executing binary content has highly increased, during these last years, the number of installations that several Malware manage to perform even by simply visiting a web page.

By using FoolDNS, along with the constantly updated list of web addresses that contain malware or viral material, it is possible to block a great deal of the installations “upstream”, not preventing the installation itself, but the very possibility of visiting those addresses which are known for their infection or deliberate distribution of viral content.

The list also contains a large amount of updated addresses where “second stage installers” are known to be distributed from: a type of Malware that will download the remaining content from the web and run it after a first infection of the computer.

Thanks to the possibility of blocking a large quantity of Second Stage Installers and the use of updated lists and the possibility of intervening in real time to add such sites, FoolDNS offers yet another barrier against infection, preventing it from spreading and decreasing the derived risk.


How do you earn money?

To be able to maintain and implement the structure we obtain revenues from:.

  1. Concession to third parts of the aggregate anonymous data (we don’t have the IPs, remember?) regarding elimination statistics and DNS requests we obtain: they represent a significant sample of web usage and market penetration of different market Players of Online spaces sale. We are able to provide detailed information on the number of banners which are distributed by the single advertising network to our users and, contemporarily, we can give precise data regarding the websites which are most requested to our DNS server. Again, all in an anonymous and aggregate form. In simple terms, it means we know how popular websites and advertising networks are.
  2. Selling the FoolDNS service of privacy preservation to companies: in fact, if the service is free for private, home users, companies will be encouraged to buy the service. We manage to do this by limiting the number of requests that can be made by a single IP and blocking the requests to our server after an adequate number (higher than any home web surfing average) to avoid abuses. At this point the users can contact us and ask to extend the number of requests or decide to contribute to the costs of the structure by subscribing to one of our services, depending on their needs.


How can one be removed from the list?

In order to be removed from the list any player will only have to subscribe and sign an Ethical Code, hence committing to pay a large sum of money to a Non Profit Organization in case of violation.

We don’t want money. We don’t want to choose the Non Profit Organization.